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This kind of trap has happened to many tourists so you wouldn't be the first one.

Naturally if you're very drunk, this kind of situation will appear much more likely than if you were sober. They’re simple enough to find, just look for the flyers pinned to car windscreens or clogging up the gutters.

Club Mirage, Club Capitol, Enklawa, Dekada, De Lite Club, Fabryka Trzciny and Klub Kaermel are the best nightclubs in Warsaw and it is hard to leave home from those clubs without a female companion. Unfortunately it's quite common for (lonely) tourist men to be approached by a couple of good-looking girls who will flirt with you like crazy on the streets of Warsaw. The girls will ask you to come to a local bar with them where the drinks begin to flow and the flirting gets more intense.

After drinking a while with the girls you will be presented a heavy bill for several hundred zloty.

On the right side there are far fewer - "only" 200 escorts.

Night clubs are also filled with young beautiful girls who are quite active sexually and open minded.In second place is taken by Will - nearly 400 prostitutes, and the last stage is one of the infamous podium Mokotowa - 277 escorts.Average price for one hour meeting with a prostitute in Warsaw is roughly 200 zł (50€).Prostitution (Prostytucja) in Poland is legal, but operating brothels or other forms of pimping or coercive prostitution and prostitution of minors are prohibited.Whilst the red light area around the train station is rife with unauthorized street prostitutes, the legal stuff takes place in "massage salons" or via escort service agencies.

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