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Backup entire Profile: Again, if Firefox is stable enough to install an extension, you can try several different backup or sync tools. Otherwise I recommend Moz Backup, a standalone utility that will backup your Firefox profile.If you don’t trust tools, you can again make a manual backup. Mark has also written a post about how to backup Firefox preferences.After making sure everything is up to date (if possible), let’s look at some common issues before proceeding with general steps.I will point you directly to the respective articles on the mozilla Zine or Knowledge Base. Firefox will not start up – profile locked or operating-specific issues II.

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Before you make any permanent changes, you should seriously consider backing up any valuable information, such as passwords, bookmarks and custom settings.

Chances are you’ll also import the issue, if you import your entire old profile into a new fresh Firefox profile or installation.

For all manual backup strategies you’ll need to find your Firefox Profile.

If Safe Mode solved your problem, I recommend to proceed to step 5 and then either reset one customization after the other (i.e.

add-ons, toolbars and controls, bookmarks, preferences, search engines) until Firefox runs smoothly without Safe Mode or directly proceed to step 6.

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