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I remember John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War Is Over) playing on the darkroom radio over and over that Christmas season.

Lennon’s tone matched my half mellow, half mad at the world mood at the time.

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He simply identified them by name and listed their publicly-known occupations. If the folks felt shame for voluntarily sending those letters, they publicly shamed themselves. That public shaming, if they felt it, was self-inflicted. My guess would be this would get overturned on appeal. It’s the season of snowflakes and this recommendation reeks of a snowflake mentality.

Some prominent folks tried to ask for leniency for a prominent man who had confessed to sexually molesting his own daughter for more than a decade.

They apparently wanted to do so without anyone knowing they were doing it.

By the way, let’s not forget letters sent to the judge are a matter of public record, this is not protected material.

How is it possible to publicly shame someone who voluntarily inserted themselves into a public proceeding?

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