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The 1982 debut album of the prog supergroup Asia had radio-ready singles that were huge hits and was considered the final nail in the coffin for the genre in The '80s.

Pink Floyd was an exception as they continued to sell millions of records and sell out arenas/stadiums while keeping their sound intact, although even they weren't afraid to embrace MTV and all the new recording tech that developed throughout the decade.

Overblown heavy metal riffs were replaced with the lighter touch of Frusciante's nimble Stratocaster playing, while Kiedis' rap delivery was now a playful drawl, oozing salacious confidence over tracks like 'Suck My Kiss' and 'Give It Away'. At the behest of producer Rick Rubin – whose role in focusing the band's talents should not be underestimated – Kiedis acquiesced to the inclusion of the hymnal 'Under the Bridge', a spine-tingling meditation on loneliness, explored within the frame of a duality Kiedis felt with his home town of LA.

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Thanks to the rise of New Wave and Punk Rock, the genre was mostly exhausted by the early 1980s, with the genre's most popular bands like Yes, Genesis, and Rush shifting towards a more radio-friendly sound and making music videos in The '80s, to great commercial success.

It didn't hurt that the band had already developed a distinctive visual identity through its Hipgnosis covers and live shows.

There was a sub genre that came in the mid-80s called neo-prog, which was basically bands trying to emulate the '70s progressive rock sound with '80s production and a few power ballads here and there.

Flea's best friend River Phoenix was the leading actor in the movie and the band's song Transcending is about River and his death. It's very special to me, every time I hear it's rhythm it reminds me not to give up and that everything is going to be ok. Now days they've matured beyond the punk/funk thing, even when they try to emulate it on songs like Hump de Bump.

There is also a small chunk of lyrics in Give It Away referring to River. It actually took the attention from the "The use your illusion tour" Guns n roses .. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of their new stuff but for me BSSM was the perfect mix of all the things that make this band great.anthony himself put to rest all our interpretations of this song in his autobiography, "scar tissue." in the book he says that after he got clean for the first time, a lot of things changed in the band dynamic.

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