Intimidating shout wiki

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Note that the conditions generated do not stack with additional uses of this ability or with uses of this ability from other sources.

Base DC: 15 Target's Character Level Greater of Target's Strength or Constitution modifiers Target's [Fear] bonuses Difference in Levels (i.e.

With it, you can scare people into helping or running from you.

As long as your attempt is successful and you are still present at its expiration, you are entitled to an intimidation check as a standard action to extend the effect without the normal rush penalty.

Base DC: 15 Character Level Higher of Strength or Constitution modifiers [Fear] bonuses Check Result: With threats, gestures, and posture, you can make even the bravest foe cower.

Those who practice intimidation intensely can scare off larger groups of people, demand obedience from others, and break fear’s grasp over people.

Key Attribute: Charisma Fear is a powerful tool in social interactions.

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