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In Part 1, I explained what the No Contact Rule (NC) is, why we avoid it, and some tips to get you started, and here in part 2, I offer guidance on when NC is needed. No contact is a pretty harsh way to cut things off but it’s increasingly needed because of the type of dating habits that both men and women are adopting.As women, we seem to love being with men that are disconnected and unavailable for relationship duty, and who can’t commit to being with us… If you are experiencing any of the following, you need the NC for your sanity, never mind anything else: You have a number of exes that call you up to get nostalgic, get the lowdown on whether you’ve moved on, and also to get busy with you.It is as permanent as you want it to be, but the golden rule is that you can only restart or accept contact when you are completely over the person in question and have moved on. At the bare minimum, the no contact rule needs to be enforced for 2-3 months.For men that tend to disappear and then reappear when it suits, take the longest period of time that they’ve ever disappeared for and add a month.

With a commitment to connecting singles worldwide, we bring to you a safe and easy environment designed to help you meet your love match.As a result, you’re not technically finished with a number of the men in your past.When someone keeps popping back up in your life, despite having nothing more to offer than when you dumped him/her (or they exited) and despite your insistence to stay away, he does anything but that. You haven’t cut the contact because you think they’re going to turn from a cockroach, into a frog, and then eventually into a prince.Please fill the Attached form to get started with us.Playing It Safe – 100% Secure Online Indian Dating Services.

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