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He can be really abstract in his direction, for sure.

The moment you had in Episode 4, with Bobby seeing the old picture of Laura Palmer while her theme music is playing, is going to be one of the iconic moments of the series.

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Steve was also running for Senator in California at the time, and he would use the money made from these college football films to financially help out his political office’s campaign.Collider: When did you first hear that the revival of DANA ASHBROOK: It was probably three years ago when I started hearing about it. And then, I just wanted to make sure that I was going to be a part of it. If someone had told you, when the original series wrapped, that you’d be returning to the world of and this character, so many years later, would you have thought that person was insane? Even if we were referencing something from another scene that we weren’t in, we never got to see that scene.It really was when they tweeted out, “That gum you like is coming back in style.” Everyone I know from the show was immediately on the phone with each other. Did you know pretty quickly that you’d actually be a part of the show again? I was hanging out with Sheryl Lee and we were going to London for a festival about three years ago, when this whole thing was going down. It was really just a need to know basis kind of spy operation.Ashbrook seemed to make his career out of films that meshed horror and humor and he spent some time with FANGORIA to shoot the breeze and talk all things tomato, Tarman and TWIN PEAKS… is one of those camp cult classics that genre fans adore, namely because it pays homage to genuine article horror movies like THE BIRDS and JAWS.Can you tell Fango all about your experience shooting this film that spawned not only sequels, but a cartoon series and a line of toys?

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