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NEHEN — a small niche HIE services provider — is well aware of this trend.

“We’re seeing more and more consolidation in the industry,” said Delano.

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We have questions about the long-term viability of a model like NEHEN, if people continue to move toward these larger consolidated networks.” While NEHEN is aware of the challenges ahead, the organization is prepared to adapt to the changing market and continue to provide services as part of a larger exchange network.“That’s the biggest interoperability challenge that we face.Adoption of new services like this prior authorizations service is a significant business process change for people, and it’s positive across the board, but it’s hard for people to shift from the old to the new.” Closing the door on the old way of doing things to open the way to a newer, faster approach to exchange and interoperability requires simplicity.The Quality Payment Program (QPP) under MACRA is currently heading into its second year.Already, some providers — particularly those working in small or rural physician practices —have expressed concern about meeting federal requirements.

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