Baptist views on inter racial dating sex married dating toronto

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Then, during the weekend of the first same-sex marriages, I tweeted several messages wishing the couples well.Last week I was interviewed on LBC Radio and spoke in favour of equal marriage, related to Archbishop Welby’s LBC phone-in.Hopefully that emphasises that I am not just ‘appealing to culture’ or ‘trying to be popular’ as many conservative Christians are concluding.I’m saddened that many conservative and evangelical Christians have been so quick to write me off, emailing that “this means goodbye – deleting you from my social networks”. So even if you strongly disagree with my stand on this topic, please journey with me and hear why and how I’ve come to these conclusions.If they don’t get sung in the mega-churches of North America, my royalties basically stop.So the cost of me speaking up about equal marriage is, essentially, my salary.

If you know anything about American Christian culture, you’ll know it’s a huge operation/industry with a massive presence.

My comments were very brief, but I said I believed that Christians didn’t have to choose between respecting the Bible and/or supporting equal marriage.

I spoke about it again during a Sky News paper review last month, answering a direct question about whether Bible-believing Christians could endorse gay relationships.

Over the past few months I’ve been increasingly raising my voice in support of same-sex marriage – or “equal marriage” as I’ll call it from here on.

Many of my blog readers are from outside the UK, so in case any of you weren’t aware, on 29th March 2014 England and Wales saw equal marriage become a legal reality.

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