Are chad duell and andrea bogart dating

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Braun earned an Emmy nomination Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2004.However, the role of Carly would bring Laura Wright her very first Emmy nomination overall — in the Outstanding Lead Actress and her very first win, 20 years after breaking into daytime television on ABC's Loving.Carly and Jax bond over the loss and become engaged.However, their wedding plans are halted when Carly must marry Sonny again to keep from testifying against him.A collaborative effort between the writers, Carly — originally played by Sarah Joy Brown (1996–2001) — was introduced under executive producer Wendy Riche.A "love to hate" character who brings excitement to storylines because of her devious ways, Carly is the illegitimate daughter of former bad girl turned heroine, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman). Throughout the 2000s, Carly, then Tamara Braun (2001–05) goes on to become one of the show's most prominent, vital and popular characters largely due to her supercouple pairing with mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and her friendship with Jason Morgan (then Steve Burton).

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After a fight with Tony, Carly has a one-night stand with Jason's troubled brother A. In February 1998, Carly's adoptive mother Virginia comes to town and reveals Carly's true identity during Michael's christening.Jason helps get her released and Jason's girlfriend Robin Scorpio (Kimberly Mc Cullough) fed up with Carly being so dependent on Jason, exposes Michael's true paternity. In early 2000, after Carly reveals she is pregnant, Sonny coerces A. into divorcing Carly and signing away his parental rights to Michael.While Carly plots a future with Jason, she marries A. In May 2000, Carly suffers a miscarriage when she falls down the stairs during a confrontation with A. Carly and Sonny bond over their loss and they marry in September 2000.After being rejected by Bobbie, Carly seduces Bobbie's husband Doctor Tony Jones (Brad Maule) and she falls in love with him.Bobbie's brother Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) uncovers Carly's true identity and warns to stop hurting her mother.

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